Kalea offset gift set

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Discover our newly assembled gift set, combining a classically designed hair scissor with a luxurious gold-plated finish and an elegant gold-coated razor. This set offers timeless elegance and professional precision for every haircut and shave.

Classic Hair Scissor:

  • Timeless Elegance: The classic form of the scissor ensures comfortable handling and gives it a timeless, elegant look.
  • Luxurious Shine: The high-quality gold-plated surface not only provides a luxurious shine but also ensures durability.
  • Precision Cutting Results: Thanks to the convex blades with precise hollow grinding, the scissor is ideal for perfect cuts.
  • Outstanding Sharpness: Polished blades with fine honing ensure exceptional sharpness and precision in cutting.
  • Versatile Use: Excellent for slicing and cutting all types of hair.
  • Customizable Tension: An adjustable screw system allows for individual tension adjustment for optimal handling.
  • Added Comfort: The replaceable finger rest offers additional comfort and can be adjusted to individual preferences.

Gold-Coated Razor:

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel: Made of rust-free stainless steel, ideal for sterile applications and long-lasting use.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for shaving hairlines, wet shaving, contour cutting, and precise shaving of the nape.
  • Blade Change System: Easy and quick blade change for continuous sharpness.
  • Includes Spare Blade: An additional spare blade included in the package for sustained quality.
  • Made in Solingen, Germany: Rely on the reliable quality from Solingen, synonymous with first-class craftsmanship and precision.

This set is the perfect choice for those who desire a touch of classic and luxury in their styling repertoire. It is excellent for professional stylists and discerning home users who value quality and elegance.