When it comes to hairdressing scissors, also known as hair cutting scissors, various factors need to be considered: size, shape, blade edge - which determines the cutting style of the scissor blades, material, and intended use. Apart from the classic hair-cutting scissors, there are also regular hairdresser's scissors, thinning scissors, styling scissors, and slicing scissors. Thinning scissors are suitable for thinning out hair while styling scissors are used for precise cutting and shaping of hair. Slicing scissors are ideal for fine strands. Each type of scissor fulfills specific requirements and offers different cutting techniques. Choosing the right scissors for the desired effect and hair type is important. Additionally, there are also scissors designed for left-handed individuals, tailored to their specific needs.

Which hair scissors are right for you?

We offer our customers a wide selection of scissors in three different categories: the "Cerena 1star Series," the "Cerena 2star Series," and the highest-quality "Cerena 3star Series." Each series offers different features and quality levels to meet our customers' individual needs and preferences.

Cerena Series 1★:

The "Cerena 1star Series" is ideal for customers looking for a reliable and affordable scissors. This series offers solid performance and durable blades that allow for precise cuts.

Cerena Series 2★:

The "Cerena 2star Series" stands out with advanced features and higher quality. These scissors are perfect for hairdressers and stylists who value precision and comfort. With sharp blades and ergonomic handles, they provide an optimal cutting experience.

Cerena Series 3★:

For demanding professionals, we offer top-of-the-line scissors with our "Cerena 3star Series." This series is characterized by top-notch craftsmanship, excellent materials, and precise workmanship. The scissors in the 3star Series provide ultimate sharpness, durability, and outstanding performance for professional hairdressers with the highest standards.

Cerena Left-Hand Hair Scissors:

For our left-handed customers, we offer specially designed scissors in the "Cerena Left-Hand Hair Scissors" category. These scissors are ergonomically tailored to the needs of left-handed individuals, ensuring comfortable and precise handling. With sharp blades and high-quality materials, they guarantee optimal cutting results and enable efficient work.

Our wide range of hair scissors allows our customers to choose the appropriate series that matches their individual requirements and budgets. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, we have the perfect scissors for every need.