Cerena has specialized in hairdressing and hair scissors for more than 50 years. The best quality blades and ergonomically styled handles ensure the greatest comfort and offer in the result exceptional good cutting results with ultimate solid and precise cutting feel.

Made in Germany

Especially in times of globalisation, new forms of quality criteria are also emerging
: Local production, the observance of Western European social standards, carefully selected raw materials and a traditionally and grown and innovative thinking processing. Makes the Cerena hair scissors actually what it is:

A piece of solid craftsmanship - Made in Germany.


The traditional family business
CERENA GMBH is today managed by Arne Kreitzberg in the 2nd generation. In 1999 he took over the company from his father Fritz-Werner Kreitzberg, who led the company with heart and professional competence and put the company on a broad foundation, both at home and abroad. Today Arne Kreitzberg continues this way and exports high quality hair scissors to more than 30 countries. CERENA has always stood for the highest standards in its products. Traditional work processes are combined with modern technology to produce professional hair scissors in Solingen quality. First-class steel grades and trained employees characterize our production, which still consists of 80% manual work. Our distinctive quality control ensures
continuity in quality and service.


In the CERENA scissor manufacture in Solingen, hot-forged scissor blanks are processed. This produces a hard but flexible steel - one of many special features on the way to the perfect professional hair scissors.

After hardening, the blanks are ground, assembled and straightened in up to 120 work steps. The world-renowned functionality of Solingen cutlery is the result of a symbiosis of traditionally proven processes with innovative technology.