When it comes to Modelling and Thinning Scissors, also known as hair cutting shears, various factors require consideration: size, shape, and cutting style – which dictates the shearing technique, material, and purpose. Alongside the classic hair-cutting shears, there are Thinning and Modelling shears. Thinning shears decrease hair volume while Modelling shears enable precise cuts and shaping. Each scissor type fulfils specific requirements and offers diverse cutting techniques. Choosing the appropriate shears for desired effects and hair types is crucial. Additionally, there are Left-Handed shears tailored to their needs.

Which hair scissors suit you?

We offer our customers a wide selection of shears in three different categories: the "Cerena 1star Series," the "Cerena 2star Series," and the premium "Cerena 3star Series." Each series presents distinct features and levels of quality to cater to individual needs and preferences.

Cerena Series 1★:

The "Cerena 1star Series" is perfect for customers seeking a reliable and affordable shear. This series ensures dependable performance and durable blades for precise cuts.

Cerena Series 2★:

The "Cerena 2star Series" stands out with advanced features and higher quality. Ideal for hairdressers and stylists valuing precision and comfort. Sharp blades and ergonomic handles deliver an optimal cutting experience.

Cerena Series 3★:

For demanding professionals, we offer the pinnacle of shears with our "Cerena 3star Series." This series is characterized by top-notch craftsmanship, excellent materials, and precise manufacturing. The 3star Series shears provide ultimate sharpness, durability, and outstanding performance for professional hairdressers with the highest demands.

Cerena Left-Hand Modelling and Thinning Shears:

For our left-handed customers, we provide specially designed shears in the category "Cerena Left-Hand Modelling and Thinning Shears." These shears are ergonomically tailored to left-handers, ensuring comfortable and precise handling. Sharp blades and high-quality materials guarantee optimal cutting results and enable efficient work.

Our extensive range of Modelling and Thinning Shears empowers our customers to choose the appropriate series that suits their individual requirements and budgets. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, we have the right shear for every need.