Hair Scissors Cerena SCAEVA 7.00" LEFTY

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279,00 €
  • Smooth operation and extreme sharpness 
  • Ergonomic offset handle ensures relaxed cutting 
  • Individually adjustable flathead screw 
  • Forged finger rest 
  • Wider finger-eye thumb ring for precise guidance during cutting

Our professional 7-inch left-handed hair scissors offer a smooth operation and extreme sharpness. The offset handle ensures relaxed cutting, while the individually adjustable flathead screw allows for customization. With the forged finger rest and wider finger-eye thumb ring, we provide comfort and precise guidance during cutting.

Our handmade hair scissors deliver sharp, clean, and precise cutting results all day long. They are specifically designed for left-handers to ensure optimal control. Whether you are a professional hairdresser or someone who enjoys styling your own hair, our hair scissors are the perfect choice.

Invest in quality and experience the benefits of a high-quality hair scissors. With our 7-inch hair scissors, you can cut comfortably and precisely, specifically designed for left-handers. Enjoy optimal control and comfort with every cut.