The Importance of Professional Sharpening for Hair Scissors

It's imperative that hair scissors are regularly sharpened, cleaned, and finely tuned by specialized professionals. Well-maintained hair-cutting scissors retain their sharpness and efficiency, which is essential for top-notch hair-cutting results. However, it's important to note that only authorized partners should undertake the sharpening to avoid compromising the scissors' warranty. Using unauthorized services can often lead to a loss of warranty.

The Timeframe Until the First Sharpening

Don't wait too long to get a sharpening service. Regularly sharpening your hairdressing scissors ensures they remain in prime condition for longer. The more your scissors are used, especially for cutting dry hair, the faster they wear out.

Who Should Conduct the Service?

Never entrust your hairdressing scissors to random door-to-door scissor sharpeners. Only use sharpening services authorized by the specific manufacturer or the manufacturer themselves. This ensures that your scissors are handled by trained professionals.

Why Cerena?

At Cerena, we proudly offer a specialized sharpening service right in our hair scissor manufactory. After a thorough condition check, we disassemble, sharpen, and professionally adjust your scissors. We use the same precision equipment that's used for our brand-new scissors. Before any scissor leaves our service, it's rechecked for various quality parameters to ensure it's in perfect condition.

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