Neutral Beard Wash

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Pützer’s Neutral Beard Wash – Natural Care and Cleansing for Beard and Face

Natural Ingredients: A nourishing blend of coconut oil, olive oil, horsetail extract, and chamomile flower extract. 

Scent: Neutral, ideal for combining with other beard oils or perfumes. 

Scent Family: Neutral, perfect for sensitive skin or those sensitive to fragrances. 

Origin: Proudly made in Germany. 

Pützer’s Neutral Beard Wash offers effective cleaning and care for both beard and facial skin, completely fragrance-free. The unique formula with coconut oil acts antibacterial and replenishing, helping prevent impurities and skin irritations. Olive oil, rich in Vitamin E, enhances skin elasticity and cell renewal, while horsetail and chamomile flower extracts provide soothing and antimicrobial effects. This makes our beard shampoo also ideal for daily facial cleansing.

Whether preparing to apply beard oil or as a gentle face wash – Pützer’s Neutral Beard Wash ensures clean, fresh, and well-cared-for skin without the worries of added fragrances.