Hair Scissors Cerena Gent

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    • Combined Blade: 1/3 micro-serrated for control, 2/3 polished for smoothnes
    • Precision: Ideal for detailed work on contours, tips, and beards.
    • Versatility: Suitable for all cutting techniques, including slicing.
    • Surface: High-gloss polished, for an aesthetically pleasing look.
    • Material: Forged, stainless steel for enduring sharpness and hygiene.
    • Adjustment: Adjustable screw for perfect tension customization.
    • Quality Manufacturing: Made in Solingen, Germany – renowned for high-quality cutting tools.

The Cerena "Gent" Hair Scissors are distinguished by their combined blade, where approximately one-third of the cutting length is micro-serrated and two-thirds are polished. This special configuration makes the scissors ideal for precise detail work in contour areas, tips, and beards. They are suitable for all cutting techniques and are particularly effective for slicing. The high-gloss polished surface and the forged, stainless steel ensure durability and consistently precise cutting performance. An adjustable screw allows for the individual adjustment of the scissors' tension to meet the diverse requirements of professionals.