Hair Scissors Cerena Barber 8"

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Cerena Barber 8" Hair Scissors:

  • Design: Classic Barber design
  • Blades: Semi-integrated blades for all techniques
  • Mechanism: dHg articulation for a smooth operation
  • Screw System: Adjustable FSS screw system
  • Cutting Edges: Convex edges and hollow ground
  • Durability: Long-lasting
  • Material: High-quality forged stainless steel
  • Origin: Made in Solingen, Germany

Product Description:
The Cerena Barber 8" Hair Scissors are the perfect tool for professional barbers who value traditional design with modern technology. Featuring a classic barber design and a matte finish, it embodies elegance and functionality. The semi-integrated, polished on both sides blades provide precise cutting performance for all techniques, complemented by the double-sided hollow ground. The dHg articulation ensures a smooth and comfortable scissor movement, while the adjustable FSS screw system allows for individual customization. Crafted from high-quality forged stainless steel, these scissors promise a long lifespan. Made in Solingen, Germany, they represent unparalleled quality and precision.