Hair scissors Cerena Classic

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  • Cerena Sahara Hair Scissors 

    The Cerena Sahara Hair Scissors combine classic design with cutting-edge technology, crafted in our own manufacturing facility in Solingen, Germany. This matte-finished scissor is specifically designed for precision work and contour cuts, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced hairstylists alike.

    • Single-sided Micro-serration: The micro-serrated edge precisely grips hair for clean contour cuts without pushing the hair out.
    • High-quality Materials: Forged stainless steel from Solingen ensures durability and superior cutting performance.
    • Adjustable Screw System: Allows for custom tension adjustment to tailor the scissors to your cutting technique.
    • Matte Finish: Provides an elegant look and prevents distracting reflections during use.
    • Quality Control: Each scissor is manufactured in our own facility and subjected to strict quality controls to ensure optimal functionality.

      Achieve flawless results with every cut using the Cerena Sahara Hair Scissors. The special single-sided micro-serration of these scissors is ideal for precise and effective styling on complex hairstyles. The adjustable screw system and ergonomic design ensure comfortable handling over long periods. Whether for professional use in the salon or for detailed cuts at home, the Cerena Sahara is your reliable choice for excellent cutting results.