Beard Wash Vanilla Forest

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Pützer’s Beard Shampoo – Natural Care and Cleansing for Beard and Face

Natural Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, horsetail extract, chamomile flower extract, glycerin, and water. 

Scent Note: A refreshing blend of fir needle, pine, rosemary, dark chocolate, and vanilla. 

Scent Family: Woody and fresh with a hint of vanilla. 

Origin: Proudly made in Germany. 

Pützer’s Beard Shampoo is the ideal solution for daily beard care. It not only thoroughly cleanses your beard but also nourishes the underlying skin with valuable oils and extracts. Coconut oil provides moisture, while olive oil and chamomile flower extract soothe and soften the skin. Horsetail extract strengthens the hair and promotes its health. The result is a clean, well-groomed beard and fresh, slightly cooled skin. The pleasant scent of fir needles and vanilla makes beard care a refreshing experience.

Use Pützer’s Beard Shampoo for a well-groomed, fragrant beard and healthy, soothed facial skin. Ideal for men who value natural care products and want to pamper their beard with the best.