Cerena Hair Scissors Set Cobra

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Cobra" Hair Scissors Set

The Cobra Hair Scissors Set represents quality and precision in every tool. Comprised of handpicked items tailored to meet the needs of professional hairstylists, this set provides everything you need for impeccable hair care.

Contents of the Set:

Cerena Cobra Hair Scissors:

  • Available in three different sizes: 5.00", 5.50", and 6.00" to cater to your unique needs.
  • Semi-ergonomic design ensures comfort and precision with every cut.
  • Forged from sturdy stainless steel, guaranteeing longevity and stability.
  • One blade features fine micro-serration, holding the hair in place during the cut, ensuring clean, precise outcomes.
  • Hollow-ground design for a sharper and more accurate cutting edge.
  • Adjustable screw system allows for custom settings based on need and comfort.
  • Features a detachable finger rest for added comfort and control.

Cerena Cobra Thinning Scissors:

  • Comes in a size of 5.75".

Blade Knife:

  • Perfect for detailed work and precise cuts. Accompanied by a protective black plastic sheath for safety when the knife is not in use.

"SMALL" Scissor Holster:

  • A stylish and functional accessory, allowing you to conveniently and safely store and transport your tools.