Cerena embroidery scissors

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18,00 €
  • embroidery scissors
  • nickel plated, carbon steel
  • eye and blade gold plated
  • fine point for embroidery and thread work

Embroidery Scissors from Solingen - A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

Our embroidery scissors, often referred to as ornamental scissors, are not just a functional tool but a real eye-catcher. Made from high-quality carbon steel and refined with elegant nickel plating, they promise durability and resilience.

The eye and the shaft of the scissors are artfully gold-plated, adding a touch of luxury to this masterful piece. The fine tip is designed specifically for precise embroidery and thread work, allowing you to cut with utmost accuracy.

Thanks to their very sharp edge and their pointed design reminiscent of a stork, they offer a smooth cutting motion and always ensure the best results in your handiwork.

Rely on the quality "Made in Solingen, Germany," and equip yourself with a precise and aesthetically pleasing tool for all your intricate embroidery projects. It's more than just scissors - it's a piece of craftsmanship for your craft set.