Cerena stork scissors

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18,00 €
  • Stork scissors
  • Embroidery scissors
  • nickel plated, carbon steel
  • eye and blade gold plated
  • Fine point for embroidery and thread work

Stork Scissors from Solingen – Precision in Elegant Design

Our stork scissors, also known as embroidery scissors, are the ideal tool for those who value quality and aesthetics. Measuring 9 cm in length and crafted from robust carbon steel, they promise durability and a stylish appearance. Coated with a sophisticated nickel plating and adorned with artful gold plating on the eye and shaft, they exude elegance and highlight the exquisite craftsmanship.

Their fine and pointed design makes them the perfect choice not only for precise embroidery and thread work but also for accurately trimming artificial fingernails. The sharp cut and smooth action ensure optimal results with every use, whether in handicrafts or nail care.