ComBank comb 700

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10,90 €
  • A ComBank comb is a constant companion of the hairdresser in salon practice. For detangling the hair after washing, for the even distribution of care products or for the clean separation of the hair when wrapping.
  • The handle comb is made of heat-resistant special plastic, polycetal resin.
  • Exception: The black comb is made of carbon.
  • Available in three colours
"COMBANK" is a newly developed comb of the next generation. The product shows its high qualitative superiority with very good heat resistance and resistance to chemical substances due to the combination of polyacetal resin with silicone and graphite. Gentle combing is achieved by its high elasticity together with fine teeth. Division of hair sections ( blocking ) is achieved quickly and effortlessly by rounded edges and corners as well as the slimmed end piece of the comb.
The right comb for every technique.