Hair Scissors Cerena Ambition

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Hair Scissors Cerena Ambition

  • Surface: Hand-polished, high-gloss finish
  • Mechanism: dHg gear point for a smooth operation
  • Screw System: Extremely flat and adjustable FSS screw system
  • Blades: Convex blades for precision cutting
  • Application: Ideal for slice & cut techniques
  • Additional Features: Soft rubber stopper, replaceable finger rest
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic design with a slight offset position
  • Quality: Concave inner sides and convex outer sides for minimized resistance and long-lasting sharpness
  • For Professionals: Perfect for hairstylists demanding precision and creativity
  • Experience: Exclusive and comfortable cutting experienc

Discover the Ambition Hair Scissors, embodying art and precision in each cut. With its hand-polished, high-gloss surface and ergonomic shape with a slight offset position, it offers unique cutting comfort. The dHg articulation ensures a smooth operation, while the extremely flat and adjustable FSS screw system guarantees optimal tension. The convex blades and concave inner sides of the blades reduce resistance and ensure lasting sharpness. Ideal for demanding hairstylists who value precision and creativity, this scissor enhances comfort and adaptability with a soft rubber stopper and a replaceable finger rest. The Ambition Hair Scissors are not just a tool, but an expression of quality and elegance, perfect for creative cuts and slicing techniques. Experience the exclusive cutting sensation with Ambition, crafted for the highest standards.