Hair Scissors Cerena CCR Series

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Traditional CCR Hair Scissors in Chiro Form:

  • Design: Classic, Chiro form
  • Proportions: Balanced with short blade and long handle
  • Serration: Single-sided micro serration
  • Adjustability: Adjustable screw for individual customization
  • Surface: Polished for a silky feel
  • Material: Forged, stainless steel
  • Origin: Made in Solingen, Germany

Product Description:
The traditional CCR Hair Scissors in Chiro form are perfect for relaxed and precise cutting. Their balanced proportions with a short blade and a long handle ensure optimal handling. The single-sided micro serration prevents hair from slipping and allows for exact cutting. The polished surface gives the scissors a silky feel, while the forged, stainless steel guarantees durability. Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, these scissors are ideal for those who value traditional quality and professional performance.