Thinning Scissors Cerena Q-Silver

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219,00 €
  • Cerena Q-Silver thinning scissors
  • hand-polished, mirrors finishing surface
  • dHg-gear point for a soft cutting action 
  • extremely flat and adjustable FSS screw system
  • convex cutting edge
  • 30 teeth
  • exchangeable finger rest
  • ergonomic style with offset position

The Q-Silver hairdressing scissors are scissors for a high degree of precision and creativity. Their ergonomic shape with slight offset position ensures unique cutting comfort. The concave inner sides and convex outer sides with 30 teeth, ensure a resistance reduced to a minimum and a long-lasting sharpness. The dHg cutting edges ensure enormous sharpness and durability in combination with a very pleasant cutting feeling. The very flat FSS screw system ensures optimum tension distributed over the full cutting edge. Here, too, an individual setting is guaranteed by own adjustment. Convince yourself and enjoy the unique and exclusive cutting experience that happens to you with a Q-Silver.