Orange Oak beard oil

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Pützer’s Beard Oil Orange Oak

Base Oils: Argan oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, wild rose oil, jojoba oil 

Scent Note: Italian orange, oak, Himalayan cedarwood, bergamot 

Scent Family: Woody, fresh, citrus, orange 

Made in: Germany 

Content: 30ml 

Pützer’s Beard Oil Orange Oak is a tribute to the natural freshness of Italian orange, complemented by the robust tones of oak and the earthy aroma of Himalayan cedarwood. Bergamot adds a zesty freshness that makes the oil a true sensory experience. This beard oil is not just a grooming essential; it's a fragrant experience that enriches everyday life. The oils moisturize the beard, making it soft and supple while protecting it from daily environmental influences. Ideal for men who value a well-groomed appearance and a healthy beard.

Harness the power of Pützer’s Beard Oil Orange Oak to care for your beard and add a touch of luxury.