Soft Touch Round Brushes with natural bristles

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14,50 €
  • Round brush with natural bristles
  • Wooden handle
  • With divider in the handle

Discover ultimate hair care with our Soft Touch Round Brush 'CC-Collection,' crafted from premium natural wood. This brush offers more than just styling – it's a true treat for your hair and scalp.

The round brush is thoughtfully designed to provide an exceptional experience. The wooden handle not only adds an elegant look but is also water-resistant and incredibly lightweight, allowing you to style for hours without feeling tired.

The special wild boar bristles, combined with the natural wood handle, offer unmatched hair care. They evenly distribute the scalp's natural sebum throughout the hair, resulting in gentle and nurturing brushing. Suitable for all hair types, this brush promotes healthy, glossy hair.

Use this brush when blow-drying damp hair. The blend of natural bristles and wood helps control moisture, giving your hair a smooth, sleek finish.

The Soft Touch Round Brush 'CC-Collection' is available in 6 sizes, catering to your individual needs. Enjoy a brush that offers more than just styling – a true hair care experience.

Available in 4 sizes