Thinning Scissors Cerena CCR

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CCR Traditional Hair Thinning Scissors – Chiro Form for Professional Precision

The CCR hair thinning scissors in Chiro form combine traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality. Made in Solingen, Germany, these scissors stand for the highest quality and durability, specifically designed for professionals who value precise and efficient work.

  • Design: Chiro form for ergonomic handling and fatigue-free work.
  • Proportions: Balanced design with a short blade and long handle for enhanced control and handling.
  • Teeth: 42 teeth with V-prisms for precise and clean cutting performance.
  • Adjustability: An adjustable screw allows for personal customization to user preferences.
  • Surface: Polished for a comfortably silky feel during each use.
  • Material: Forged stainless steel ensures long-lasting sharpness and robustness.
  • Origin: Proudly made in Solingen, renowned for its exceptional quality in scissor manufacturing.
  • The CCR hair thinning scissors in Chiro form are the result of decades of experience and innovation in scissor making. Their special form and the precise V-prisms on the teeth allow for cutting with exceptional precision, while the ergonomic design and long handle ensure a natural hand position that minimizes fatigue during prolonged use. These scissors are ideal for hairdressers and stylists who rely on perfect cuts and comfortable handling in their daily work.