Modellierschere Cerena Go LEFTY

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Cerena Go Left-Handed Hair Scissors

The Cerena Go Left-Handed is specifically designed for left-handedprofessionals, blending functionality with stylish design. This texturizingscissor features an ergonomic, offset handle that ensures relaxed cutting. Thecombination of satin matte and high gloss finish gives the scissors an elegantappearance, while the convex blades with hollow grind provide extremesharpness, perfect for slicing and precise cutting. The individually adjustableflat-head screw allows for fine tension tuning, and the replaceable finger restenhances comfort. This left-handed hair scissor is the ideal tool forprofessional stylists who prioritize precision, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

    • Specialized: Designed for left-handed users
    • Ergonomics: Ergonomic, offset handle for relaxed cutting
    • Sharpness: Extreme sharpness with convex blades and hollow grind
    • Design: Satin matte and high gloss finish for an elegant look
    • Adjustability: Individually adjustable flat-head screw
    • Comfort: Replaceable finger hook for added customization
    • Versatility: Perfect for slicing and precise cuts
    • Quality: High-quality craftsmanship for durability and reliability